about the project

Sherborne Community Arts Centre Trust (SCACT) is behind The Paddock Project and owns the land where the gallery will be built. Sherborne Town Council is one of our key partners and owns the adjoining Paddock Garden. We have been working closely with the Council on the Project over the past few months to ensure the use and enjoyment of the public garden is preserved and enhanced by the gallery. The Project is supported by local educational and cultural organisations, local groups and businesses, by Dorset County Council and by West Dorset District Council.

The gallery would provide access to a unique interactive database for artists and craftspeople working in the region. The shop and café areas would feature the best in art and design, selling works across a range of prices.

Sherborne Tourist Information Centre, which is currently operated by West Dorset District Council, faces an uncertain future and potential closure due to central government funding cuts. The importance of the TIC and the visitor economy to Sherborne is widely recognised, and so The Paddock Project is working with Sherborne Town Council and West Dorset District Council to provide a new permanent home for the TIC within our exciting visitor destination.

All design and building costs of this multi-million pound project would be met through a local charitable foundation.